Saturday, October 19, 2013

We had a baby... 6 months ago :)

Since so much time has passed since my last update i'll just start the updates with my pregnancy!

Around February of 2012 we decided it would be ok to have a baby. (Kyle not so sure) 
After a few months nothing had happened, I wasn't worried just thought ok its not time.

In August around the 20th I think it was a Tuesday, I was getting ready to go to work in the ER and thought, wait I should have started over the weekend. Kyle was at work so I left a few minutes early to run up and talk to him. He was on the phone and wasn't showing signs of getting off soon so I wrote on a piece of paper "I'm 3 days late" his eyes got huge, it was priceless, yet he still didn't get off the phone. So
I gave him a kiss and drove away.

I worked until 12am so he was asleep when I got home so we didn't talk about it that day. The next morning we talked and I went and got a test, took it later that day. Kyle read it and it had 2 lines. He said it could be wrong and to try a different kind the next day, we did this 3 times until he was convinced. I was pregnant!

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