Saturday, October 19, 2013

We had a baby... 6 months ago :)

Since so much time has passed since my last update i'll just start the updates with my pregnancy!

Around February of 2012 we decided it would be ok to have a baby. (Kyle not so sure) 
After a few months nothing had happened, I wasn't worried just thought ok its not time.

In August around the 20th I think it was a Tuesday, I was getting ready to go to work in the ER and thought, wait I should have started over the weekend. Kyle was at work so I left a few minutes early to run up and talk to him. He was on the phone and wasn't showing signs of getting off soon so I wrote on a piece of paper "I'm 3 days late" his eyes got huge, it was priceless, yet he still didn't get off the phone. So
I gave him a kiss and drove away.

I worked until 12am so he was asleep when I got home so we didn't talk about it that day. The next morning we talked and I went and got a test, took it later that day. Kyle read it and it had 2 lines. He said it could be wrong and to try a different kind the next day, we did this 3 times until he was convinced. I was pregnant!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yes it has been a year..... a YEAR since my last post.

Most of you know I'm married now! Kyle and I got married in September! It was beautiful. We are living here in Carbon County.

Yes i finished the RN program thank goodness, that was awful, and am now working super extra full time. Usually 40+ hours at Parkdale, a care center, still seeing my patient in Payson every week, then my patient in Layton every other weekend. Who knows why I keep so many jobs, I drive myself crazy being so busy. Ooop almost forgot I'm coaching Cheer at the Jr. High here in Price. Thats my favorite job, too bad it doesn't pay like a real job :)

Kyle is coaching at the High School this year. It was sad him leaving Mont Harmon cause we were always together at games last year, but this is what he wants to do. He gets along great with that age group of boys that he has coached for years. There's even a few I'm sure he would like to adopt. :)

I've been working graveyards Sunday- Tuesday since July and believe me I have hated every moment of it. Starting November first I will no longer be on graves anymore. Thank the Lord... Seriously though. I have been a hagitha since July.

Thats about all for now. I'll post again next November :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well it is now the middle of November. Time keeps flying by. Faster than I thought it would. School is EXTREMELY busy. I have never studied more in my life to only do mediocre on my tests. It is driving me crazy. It also is very frustrating that when I was in San Juan's nursing program I could study for an hour or two and get the class high. Now here I study 20+ hours and get a C. I don't know what to do. But with time flying so fast I want to be able to remember what my clinicals and school experiences were like. I have made it through all the "fun" roations and now am on med-surg for the remainder of the semester and have been for the past 4 weeks.
Week 1
I took care of a little old man. I can't even remember what he was admitted for. I hardly did any care for him. If I remember right he was discharged not long after I started my shift.

Week 2
We have to pick out our patients the night before we go and I saw this little old lady was admitted for SOB (shortness of breath) and anemia. I figured it would be a nice easly patient to take care of. After chosing her I read in her history and physical that she actually was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Not the early stages either. She was in END stage Leukemia. It was really sad. My first day she kept having bloody noses from the oxygen we were giving her to help her saturations that were so down because of the overflow of white blood cells took the place of the reb blood cells that carry oxygen. But she was the sweetest thing ever. After one of her last bloody noses I was helping her clean up and she was able to squeeze out the words that she just wanted to watch the Jazz game. It was so cute. I found the Jazz game and she was as happy as can be. That made me really sad, It reminded me of my Grandma Joan, my dads mom. As long as she could have her cinnamon bears, pretzles, Winnie the Pooh, and the JAZZ she was as happy as can be :)
The next day I went to clinicals and the morning shift told me that she had taken a turn for the worse. By that afternoon she had passed away. It was really sad. Her 1 daughter was so sweet and just kept hugging me and thanking me for the care I had given her mom. She even laughed with me as Iwas going to flush her IV earlier that day and shot the cap and the saline clear to the seeling while trying to figure out how to get that stupid air bubble out of the syringe. But the hardest part was walking the mourtary man, and the daughters as they pushed their mom down the hallway to the back door and to the van where they were taking her to the mortuary. The daughters walked back to the door I was holding open just sobbing and hugging. The one hugged me again and my tears just started to flow down my face. I couldn't control it I am such a boob. Seriously I even cry about reality shows. Being the person they want to hug is the best feeling. Thats one reason why nursing is rewarding. *By the way this week my homework assignment was a 25 page paper. =) *
I had another patient this week who had a total knee replacement. He also was my grandpa Thayn's 1st cousin we found out as we talked. It was funny I was walking down the hall and I heard him tell someone he was visiting with, "ya know that Kathie Thayn girl" "ya I remember her" "well her daughter is my nurse today" ha it just made me smile. Its funny how if we hadn't have moved to Price I wouldn't have know hardly any of my extended family. Especially Aunt Collene who is basically now my grandma. She lives at the Heirloom now and I give her the best treatment ever. =) I go up and get her ready and bring her down to my office and she just sits with me while I do my work. =)

Week 3
This week I chose a little old lady again, did all of my homework on her and got to clinicals and she had been discharged. UGH thats sooo agrivating when I'm already pressed for time and I do all of this pre clinical homework on a patient I chose and get there and the homework is useless because the patient left. So I got another patient who I had no idea what was going on with her. It actually turned out ok cause it was just a total knee replacement so same thing as my secondary patient the week before. This was an experience. First the drain that the surgeon put in was not working so I had to change her dressing about every 45 minutes cause it was saturated with blood. Then the next day I got to infuse blood. (only and RN skill =) ) The nurse that actually was assigned to this patient I have a really hard time with. Her idea of showing the students around and helping them consists of sitting at the computer telling them what of her work needs to be done. She also treats us stupid sometimes. One time I didnt know how to work the IV push syringes and I was asking the charge nurse about it and this other nurse goes "big sigh, ugh" give it to me and I'll show you. Ha it made me chuckle because IV push medications are only an RN duty and she's an LPN so I was all um... can you even push meds. NOPE I didn't think so. It just makes me laugh that she is so mean to the people who may one day be her charge nurse. =) So later that day I was doing vital signs on my pt and that nurse comes in and says, "take out her drain, take out her catheter, and change her dressing" then she was gone. At that time I was listening to her heart so its not like I could really hear her or understand what she was doing. So I go ask the charge nurse and she just rolls her eyes cause I guess she had told the nurse that she could go home after that stuff was done, ha but instead she pawned it off on me, oh well I got to learn how to cut stitches, pull not only 1 but 2 drains that were like a foot long. ugh. It kinda made me cringe. Later this lady yanked on her IV and disconnected the tubing so blood was squirting EVERYWHERE I basically had to clean her entire room. After talking with this patient she actually works for the same HH company I do and we had worked together like once about a year ago.

Week 4
This was another week that my primary patient was discharged, well was discharged right after I gave her the pneumonia vaccine. But the lady I got after my primary pt went home was also very cute. She had a gastric bypass about 15 yrs ago and basically has never recovered from it. She has been in and out of the hospital for years. NEVER GET A GASTRIC BYPASS. Jeannie had a friend that had one and never got better but she actually died from effects of it. This lady was a sport though. She now weighs 88 lbs and has a feeding tube. Weird, I bet she never thought she would have a feeding tube. CAN you imagine giving this lady a shot. Well it was AWFUL. She has NO fat or muscle to give a shot it. So I scooped up as much skin as I could and held it in place to give it. She did have IV medications until her IV infiltrated and after 7 times trying to restick the doc finally changed her meds to shots and by mouth. I felt horrible, I put it off as long as possible until the charge nurse asked why I hadn't given it. My regular nurse laughed cause she knew I was stalling. But it went ok.

Then yesterday we went down to Moab for a burn confrence. It was actually pretty interesting. I enjoyed it. I saw alot of people from Blanding that I had met while I lived there and my old nursing instructors.

Well that's what has happened thus far. My teacher told us the other day that maybe only 5 people were passing, right now I barely am. Thats encouraging huh. So pray for me hopefully I can make it through. We have a test basically every Monday morning. This coming week we have one Monday and Tuesday.. ugh shoot me now.

But even Kyle is tired of me doing homework. I did my homework at his house last Sunday so I could at least see him, and after like 5 hours he's like " are you done yet." Nope I wasn't. I went home and did a few more hours. Nursing school sucks and I can't wait to be done. =)

Thats all for now as I have alot more studying and homework to do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Bi-Yearly Post :)


I got into the RN program and will be starting school July 11. I'm really excited to finally be done with school by this time next year. I will also love the pay raise of at least $5, who wouldn't love that.

I'm still working all 4 jobs trying to save up money for next year so I don't have to work alot during the next year. I'm at the Heirloom at least 5 days a week, sometimes 6. Gymnastics is down to 1 night a week through the end of June. I'll be quiting then. The pool is just PRN so not very much. My home health patient here in Price died in March so I have just been seeing one in Payson once a week. Ive seen one up in Layton once just a 12 hr graveyard and I'm PRN there and supposedly Im going to start seeing one in Spanish Fork. I'm not sure how thats going to work once school starts so we'll see.

Most of you know I bought my Jeep Commander in September. I love it. I just dont love the gas mileage so therefore I recently purchased a little Honda Civic. Its really old with alot of miles but hey she gets 38-40 mpg so I love that and the AC works good.

On a random note I planted strawberries the other day. The directions said you will have strawberries in 10 weeks. Wtf. 10 weeks and the summer will be over.

Also I still have Ottis and Samantha. But I recently stumbled upon 2 baby kittens that have been living in the garage for the past week. My mom keeps saying, " I want my garage back" haha. But secretely I think she thinks they are cute.

I've been running almost every night lately and am hopefully going to be running a 5k in July. I know thats not alot to all of you runners out there but I've never been a runner. I might possibly then be doing a 10k in September. We'll see if either of them happen :) I might get lazy. ha.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost 9 months later...

Well time has really flown since my last posting. The last thing you read about me was at my graduation. Many things have changed since then.
1. I finished summer semester in Blanding and moved home the last week in June, I still had to go back down the next week to take the cheerleaders to Camp in Cedar City. When the week was over and it was time to say goodbye to them I didn't realize until right then how much I loved them all and the time I got to spend with them. Saying goodbye was extremely hard we were all hugging and crying. I never in my whole life thought I would be sad to leave that boring town, but in all reality I was extremely sad.
2. After(and during) cheer camp I studied about an hour or two a night for the next 2.5 weeks leading up to my state boards. I took them in Draper July 17th on a friday. While waiting for the office to open I got to see Josie Shumway. She had been in my LPN class. It was nice to see a familiar face. After taking my test I had to wait clear until Sunday night to find out if I had passed or not. You can pay like 8$ and find out online. I was at Kyle's house and he finally talked me into getting over my anxiety and to look and find out if it said Pass or fail. I entered all of my information and all that was left was clicking on the mouse to get my score. I couldn't do it. I chickened out and was going to close the screen and then Kyle clicked on it. I covered my eyes, I couldn't look. Then I heard Kyle yell PASS. I didn't believe him so I finally looked for myself and sure enough it said PASS. Next thing I knew Iwas crying and hugging Kyle at the same time. I then called my mom then sent out a text to the rest of my family and friends. That was one of the best days ever, after I found out. The anxiety from the whole day before I got the nerve to look was unbearable.
3. Once finding out I was officially a nurse I quit my job of working as an aide. Well put my notice in. Since the heirloom wasn't looking for a nurse I didn't really know what I was going to do. On my last day there I just happened to see my boss in the hall and she called me into her office and offered me a full time mon-fri job. I of course accepted and started that next monday.
4. Since then I've managed to obtain 2 other jobs besides still being at the pool. Which brings me to now. I started doing home health care for retired uranium miners who are now suffering long term effects of the uranium. Also when I lived in Salina I was a competitive gymnast and I heard about a gymnastics gym up here I went in one day and left with a coaching job and my niece in 2 day a week classes. So now I do gym 2 nights a week. Usually the pool 1 night a week. I have a pt here in price that I see a few times a week, and one in Payson that I drive up ever Friday to see. This is all after being at the Heirloom from 6-2 everyday. So trying to work all these jobs, have a boyfriend, 2 animals at home and my mom it keeps me super busy. So you can understand why I never blog :).
5. As for the future. I really dave no idea. Ill be applying for the RN program in Price,Blanding, and St. George. I won't know anything until about May. So I guess when I find out so will you! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictures Pictures Pictures!!!!

Kyle's Family Plus Me!

Kim and Me.

Kyle and I

My Familia! Minus a Few!

My LPN Class of 2009

My Pinning Ceremony was Thursday April 30th
Graduation Friday
Kyle's Graduation at SUU on Thursday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its True!

Its True, Im posting a BLOG!


1: I'm done with school! My pinning ceremony is on Thursday and I graduate on Friday!

2: I am currently moving into something more than a bedroom, bathroom, and a NASTY kitchen that my HE/SHE roommates refuse to clean. So therefore I don't cook.

3: Its a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom with a kitchen and everything. Cute. I will have no cable so I may actually blog more.

4: So thats a lie, I still might not blog. I will be taking Math 1050, Chemistry 1120, and Pathophysiology all the first summer semester! So I might quite possibly be super busy.

5: As for next year, I have no idea as to what I'll be doing past the 18th of June. Im an alternate for the RN program in Price and also in Blanding, so I might get in, I might not. Whatever happens happens. Im ok with anything. If I dont get in I'll be home in 2 months. Yay.

6: Coaching Cheer is going good. I recently held tryouts and had 20 girls tryout and kept 18. Way big improvement from my 15 that tried out last year and keeping 12 and 1 quit in the summer so 11.

7. One last thing. My room's a complete disaster. Its in the process of being cleaned and stuff moved out. So I'm refusing to go in there unless Im packing or cleaning, therefore I've been in Kim's room all day, and I informed her we would be having a sleepover whether she likes it or not.

8: Thats all for now. I'll post pictures of my new apartment when Im in and its clean. Also of my pinning ceremony and graduation!

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